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March 4, 2018 / apexprecitech

Apex Ring Spindle Concentricity Setting Device

An altogether new concept in Ring Spindle Concentricity setting is invented by Apex Precitech . We introduced new devices in this segment earlier also but this has the potential to be loved by spinning technicians instantly.

Apex was the first to establish the possibility of centering when the spindles are NOT ROTATING. A cylindrical sleeve running to the full length of the spindle is inserted onto the spindle. This fit is close and accurate.

A conical sleeve runs over the outer surface of the above sleeve. Its taper can engage with the loosened ring adaptor bringing it instantly into concentricity with the spindle. When the screws of the ring adaptor are tightened, we have set up the ring centering in a time span of 10 to 20 seconds.

The whole process requires no special skills and can be performed by anyone thereby relieving the pressure on the technical staff.

The importance of perfect concentricity of ring and spindle cannot be overemphasized. Correct setting brings down ends breakage rate, optimizes winding tension, increase traveller life and more procuction. It is every technician’s goal to have all spindles in perfect centre with the ring.

Our device can handle millions of centering operations with repeatability. The tapered sleeve positively aligns with the ring and to give more impact to the engagement, a metal weight is provided on top .  A conical pin on top centers the lappet also.  The tapered sleeve is a great feature since it enables one device to be used on many ring diameters. We have designed this device to be usable from 36mm dia to 42 mm dia. The device can be customised to various spindle tapers such as 1: 40 and 1 : 64 etc offered by Laksmi, Rieter etc.


This is a very nominally prized device with big capabilities. We invite the spinning industry to explore its usage.





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