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March 6, 2012 / apexprecitech

Lakshmi Rieter P 3-1 Top Arm Loading Details

The Rieter P 3-1 is easily the largest populated spinning top arm in the world today. I had already written about this top arm in a separate post. see the article <here>

This is a pneumatically loaded top arm with the benefit that even upon regrinding of the top roller, the load applied remains the same. The load is transmitted to the top arm via a fulcrum loading point.

From the arm the load is individually transmitted via an arrangement of loading pins. This is simply placement of the pivot positions of the front and middle rollers in one set and the back roller alone as another set. The pin positions can be in three positions and the position will decide the intensity of load in that region.

For example, if the pin is inserted in the last pair of holes, the loading will be more on the back roller than the front.

The figure will explain the construction. The points ‘m’ and ‘n ‘ determine the load sharing ratio between the front middle and back rollers.


The top arm load of P 3- 1 is front 16  Kg, middle- 12 Kg, back- 16 Kg. The hexagonal arm bar houses a lengthy hose which exert load on the top arm on a bent lever. The advantages are that even after regrinding of the rubber roller (cots) the top arm load does not diminish.  This is due to  the fact that the area of the hose and the pressure remain constant and as a result, the load is also constant.

Despite its many advantages, the top arm is found to give erratic load readings because of following reasons.

1. Weakening of the hose material.

2. Leakage in the air line/ hose

3. Play developing in the key joints where load is transmitted.

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