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April 12, 2010 / apexprecitech


Textile technicians the world over are aware of the original contributions that the name ‘Suessen’ brought into the Industry. They were the originators of the first plate spring loaded top arm with individual load adjustments.

A decade back, Suessen again pleasantly surprised everyone with their “Elite Compact spinning system”. The technology was revolutionary. With the help of a driving  front roller running over an oval tube, a compacting zone was created. In this zone, a porous apron in fact runs between the runner and the tube. The tube is connected to vacuum and this vacuum is applied to the travelling fibres in the form of a calculated slot. The fibres are aligned on a central axis by the action of the vacuum and this compacted strand is then gripped by the roller and twisted and spun in the same manner using the ring and traveller thereafter.

Millions of spindles are now retrofitted with Elite Compact system and they continue to produce excellent standard of compact yarn.

Well, we at Apex saw a great opportunity for us in Elite compacting systems. We knew that drafting load setting in such systems are an absolute must. Further, a fourth roller meant that it shared (or took away) some of the load of the second roller. Hence, the second roller load has to be increased to avoid undrafted fibres. Instead of the usual 14 Kg for the second roller, 18 Kg gave excellent results with some clients.

The clients continue to use the gauge at every regrinding of the rubber cots since loads may vary then. More and more spinners around the world are buying and using the gauges to have a first hand knowledge of what is going on in the compact spinning draftings.

Some clients have argued that they have seen no immediate benefits arising out of using the Apex Top Arm Load Gauge. We pointed out that these machines were new . Just after a year, the same customers have told us that the Top Arm Load Gauge is an indispensable tool in their mill. They have also confided that this gauge is more helpful in diagnosis of the drafting since ruling out problems in drafting loads helps them to analyze other areas.

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<<Apex Top Arm Load Gauge>>

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J Venkatasubramanian


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