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March 20, 2010 / apexprecitech

RoCoS Compact spinning and Apex Drafting load gauges

RoCoS was launched  by Rotorcraft AG amidst great expectations. Till then compact spinning was conceivable by pneumatic suction only. It was upto RoCoS to demonstrate a neat, decisive mechanical set up to compact the spun yarn. This means an enormous power saving over conventional pneumatic suction type condensing mechanisms.

RoCoS is an ingenious development over the conventional drafting for spinning. By adding an extra roller running at the same speed as the front top roller, a new passage area for the yarn fibres is set up. These fibres pass through a mechanical guide like condenser made of ceramic material. This condenses the fibres which are then clamped by the newly introduced front roller and twisted by usual means by the ring + traveller mechanism.

(pictures from the official website of M/s Rotorcraft AG)

RoCoS and Importance of Top Arm Loads:

Since, the newly created roller shares the same saddle as the second roller, correct load setting of these two rollers are of utmost importance. Almost every spinner who has installed RoCoS in his mill has seen benefit from regular load setting.

RoCoS is installed in both SKF PK 225, (also pk 2025), and P3-1 draftings. In all of these draftings, correct load setting is important. The front saddle load has to be increased so as to compensate for the load sharing with the front idler roller.

Apex has been at the forefront in drafting load measurement and is a proud supplier of many Top Arm Load Gauges to Rotorcraft over the past six years.

To see a write up on our Apex Top Arm Load Gauge , click on this below link

Apex Top Arm Load Gauge

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