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March 17, 2010 / apexprecitech


The textile machinery major Suessen, has continuously introduced breakthrough design features in Ring spinning and Roving top arms. Suessen was the first to introduce the plate spring for loading the arms.

Its vintage UT 200 and UT 600 series of  top arms have proved beyond doubt that plate springs are by no means inferior to helical compression springs (as promoted by SKF) .  Suessen’s technological uniqueness further improved with the HP-A 310/320 top arms finally culminating in the spectacular ” Suessen ELITE” compact spinning system.

The HP-A top arm is a rigid top arm for ring spinning. The front roller is loaded at 16 Kg which is  shiftable to 12 Kg by turning a nut.  The middle apron roller and the rear roller are loaded at 14 Kg each.

When retrofitted with Elite compact spinning system, the front roller is set at 23 Kg and shiftable to 17 Kg.

Apex has always been a favourite with spinners when it came to top arm load measurement. Suessen top arms are no exception. We were approved by Suessen and their Indian counterparts are insisting on checking with Apex Top Arm Load Gauges in all their installations.

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