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March 16, 2010 / apexprecitech


Trutzschler draw frames have always fascinated everyone with their original features. Everytime they announced a model, a novel idea would definitely be in there.

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TD 03 is no exception. Built over the earlier HSR series platform, these machines display one extraordinary, never before tried feature. The loading arm is laterally positioned in them instead of the right over top design of the loading arm. In other words, the top arm is designed like a hinged door. Look at the following picture

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This is a four over three roller drafting. The first roll is a guide roll for the web coming out of the drafting and usually is loaded at 15 kgs/end. This roller is seen in the picture with an inclined angle of loading in the front. The remaining three rollers are loaded at 30 Kg/end. The loading is pneumatic and the load is separate for each roller.  This means there is separate air supply to load each roller and each is individually variable.

Apex Draw Frame Load Gauges are eminently suited for measuring the loads in TD 03 machines. In fact, we have come out with a special gauge for TD 03 in view of its restrictions in the drafting space.

Look at the article for a description of Apex Draw Frame Load Gauge by clicking on this <link>

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J Venkatasubramanian


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