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March 15, 2010 / apexprecitech

RSB and SB Draw Frames and Drafting Load measurement with Apex Gauges

Rieter launched their famous RSB draw frames about fifteen years back which still remains the main workhorse in many spinning preparatory departments. The testimony to its success is that the same model is still in production (Lakshmi LRSB 851) in India.  Rieter models still retain  the core design intact.

Lakshmi has this machine in single delivery design. Rieter has the double delivery model SB 20 (formerly SB 2). The drafting system in all these machine are same. The main features of the drafting setup 9with respect to loading)  are

1. Flat bed drafting

2. Three over three drafting.

3. Spring loaded top rollers.

4. Short top rollers to reduce bending of rollers and for even distribution of nipping load to the bottom roller (and the sliver)

5. All the rollers are equally loaded. (32.5 Kg each at ends in all rollers)

6. Adjustment of rollers are possible for all the rollers of one end by moving the locking hook of the loading arms up and down.

7. Each loading cell of the top roller has a spring housed in a casing with fixed loading. (with no provisions for adjustment)

8. Adjustment of loads and equalization are extremely important. Variations of even 1.5 Kg have shown Uster variations. Similarly difference in end  to end loads affect CV % and  Uster .

click to enlarge photos

Apex Draw Frame Load Gauges and RSB Drafting

Spinners across the world are aware of the critical importance of regulation of Drafting Loads of RSB and SB draw frames. From its very introduction, our Apex Draw Frame Load Gauges accurately measured loads in these rollers and till date most of the modern units of the world are using these gauges.

Please click on the following link to read more on this gauge and to see a video demonstration

Apex Draw Frame Load Gauge

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