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March 14, 2010 / apexprecitech


Texparts has another trusted speed frame drafting top arm PK 1500 which has found wide acceptance with cotton and synthetic spinners.

This is a spring loading top arm much like its predecessor SKF 1600-40 top arm. This top arm is available in 4 roller and 3 roller versions.

The four Roller version is here

The load setting values for this top arm is here

Similarly the 3 roller drafting is below

And the load setting values for 3 Roller drafting is here below

Conversion: 1 daN(Deca Newton) = 1 Kg

The above loads are variable in steps only by shifting the loading nuts by a special lever. Apart from these , the cumulative load can be increased or decreased by the two setting screws provided at the back of the top arm.

Needless to say, our Apex Top Arm Load Gauges were very successfully used to measure the top arm loads in PK 1500 top arms. Very accurate and reliable, these gauges are the favourite of many a quality conscious spinner. Click on the following link to read on our Apex Top Arm Load Gauge with a video demonstration.

Apex Top Arm Load Gauges

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