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March 12, 2010 / apexprecitech


Texparts PK 5025 top arm is a trend setting one in that it carries new design features hitherto unknown in textile drafting.

First, the old concept of individual loading is dispensed with. Second , a pneumatic spring has been employed for load generation.  One may argue that the same principle was used by RIETER in their FS 160 and the later P3 drafting series.

The difference between them is that Rieter design loads the arm near the pivoting point. But in Texparts, the pneumatic spring (a pressurised hose) actually runs through the length of the top arm loading each saddle . This is a fresh outlook at top arm design and going by the customer review and the work it is doing in the spinning floor, the design seems validated and a viable and trouble free one.

They are available in two models. A four roller drafting and a three roller one.

click to enlarge photos

The load setting values are given below.

3 Roller Version & 4 Roller Version

Apex top Arm Load Gauges are the most trusted ones for a keen eyed spinner who wants to keep a close watch over the loads and general behaviour of drafting apparatus. Our gauges are easy to use , easy to understand and trouble free. Their strict calibration checks at our factory ensure that each one measures the exact load every time.

Just check the Product at this link below

Apex Top Arm Load Gauges

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