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March 8, 2010 / apexprecitech


When we suggested , way back in 2000 that our gauges  be used to measure the loads of drafting top rollers of Rieter Draw frames, we met with scorns and negative remarks.  ” What ? Rieter machines ? Why do they need measurement ? We do not need such instruments. ”

We patiently explained that already our gauges had proved a terrific success with the SB &  RSB 1, 2, 51, 851 and 951 machines. Also, since the spring loaded top rollers definitely needed measurements, they agreed for a demonstration. They saw that, the top roller loads never remained uniform – despite  perfect grinding of the top roller cot, correct alignment of rollers , good original top rollers and correct setting with the height gauge.

In some machines, the variations remained minimal. In some variations went beyond 10% even to 15%. Another factor observed was that the end to end loads were not equal ! When these were adjusted, the smile was also back on the maintenance manager as he now had a sliver far better than earlier times, CV , Uster all improved. (In this blog, I have given some actual results compiled from Spinners)

Look at this picture of Rieter drafting setup. There are four rollers. The front one is actually a guiding roll with less load of 15 Kg/ end. The rear three are the actual drafting rollers with load of 30 Kg/end.

The procedure to adjust loads are given in this picture

Now, till date, we have sold more than a thousand Apex  draw frame load gauges and most of  the gauges were sold with adaptors for Rieter draw Frames. Our love story with leading brands of machinery continues.

(Rieter and Rieter D 35, D40 are trademarks of Rieter Textile Systems)

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J Venkatasubramanian


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