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March 6, 2010 / apexprecitech





PK 2025 Top Arm

PK 2025 is one of the largest working top arms in the spinning industry today. It is an advanced one than its predecessor, the hugely popular SKF PK 225 top arm. SKF PK 225 is still continued to be produced in India and similar designs are also coming out of China.

But PK 2025 is another class act altogether. It retains some basic similarities  with PK 225 like

1. The front saddle has three adjustable load steps – 10 Kg (Black), 14 Kg (green) and 18 Kg (Red)

2. The same drafting geometry with parallel top and bottom rollers.

3. Rigid spring housing design.

4. Handle and rear load setting screw set up.

The improvement is there in middle and back roller load setting adjustment. Earlier in PK 225, only the front roller had load adjustment. Here, all the rollers have the facility. This is a significant one.  The older one had a problem in that the middle and back roller loads could not be changed independently. In other words, the increase in loads of middle and back rollers simultaneously increased the front roller load. Now, this problem is rectified in PK 2025. Look at this picture from Texparts

Apex Top Arm Load Gauge and PK 2025 Top Arm

Using the Apex Top Arm Load Gauge in combination with the PK 2025 top arm is the most ideal. After the load is set, the gauge is held in the saddle of the top arm and pressed.   Usually, we see variations from one top arm to another  even after the feeler gauge is used.

This variation can be attributed to manufacturing tolerances of the top arm. Due to this many spinners have abandoned the feeler gauge and instead use our Apex Top Arm Load Gauge. We know this is a loaded statement but we stand by what we say. The proof is with the spinners who use the gauges.

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J Venkatasubramanian


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