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March 5, 2010 / apexprecitech

Leading Machine manufacturers put faith in Apex

Dear Spinner

This is just to show the confidence of the leading textile machinery manufacturers have in us. Just a quick look at our client list

1. Suessen GmBH (Elite Compact spinning)- Repeat orders

2. Rotorcraft , Switzerland( RoCos compact spinning)   Repeat orders

3. Zinser, Germany

4. Zinser, China

5. Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd (Repeat orders)

No wonder, Apex Top Roller Load Gauges have set the benchmark in drafting Load measurement and regulation.

If you still have not used our instruments, please get in touch with us. Send a mail to <>.

If you want to read about our full products please click on the following headings

1.Apex Top Arm Load Gauges

2. Apex Draw Frame Load gauge

3.Apex Comber Detaching Roller Load Gauges

You have only your bad yarn to lose and a good  reputation to gain.


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