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April 28, 2008 / apexprecitech

Apex Comber Detaching Roller Load Gauges

Now, measure the drafting load in Comber Detaching Roller too !

For the first time in the world, a gauge was developed at Apex Precitech to measure the Detaching Top Roller of a Comber.

This gauge resembles the famed Apex Draw Frame Load Gauge but the construction has been modified to suit the lesser detaching top roller loads.

The gauge assembly is shown here. The gauge has two gauge blocks at each end with a capacity to measure the end loads of the top roller individually and independently. This is the greatest advantage in using this particular design feature. By adjusting the top roller loads individually and equalizing them, individual sliver variations can be controlled. Also, the over loading of the Detaching roller is also avoided.

This gauge is now suitable for almost all the Combers in use in the world today like

Lakhmi Rieter- E 7/4, LK 250, LK 54

Rieter- E 7/5(&5A), E 7/6, E 60 (60 H),62,65,70

Cherry Hara: VC 300, VC 300 A

Others like: Vouk, Marzoli, Howa, Zinser etc

Please view the live demonstration of this gauge on a Comber in a mil by clicink on the play buttonl. The machine is an E 7/4 comber.

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Our contact address: APEX PRECITECH, No; 20 , Jeeva Nagar, Vilankurichy, Coimbatore- 641 035, India ; Tel: 0091 422 2667026, 6543298, 2666292 telefax: 0091 422 2667026; email:


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