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April 15, 2008 / apexprecitech

Apex Draw Frame Load gauge

Apex Draw Frame Load gauge is a path breaking product from us which was arguably the first comprehensive instrument in the market which can measure ALL the draw frames in use in the market. A unique double gauge design, a sliding type of assembly of the gauges and direct reading of the Top Roller Load in Kilogram units made this product very famous. Most of the quality oriented Mills and exporters are its regular users.

In addition to draw frames, this gauge can also measure drafting loads in Comber draw boxes and Lapformer draw boxes.


This gauge has two mirror image type of measuring blocks to measure the end loads of the top roller at the left and right end individually. The dials are calibrated directly in Kilogram units and three separate scales are provided in each dial so that the user can get the reading for any set of machinery straightaway without manual calculations.


This gauge is adaptable to almost all the draw frames in the market such as DO 2S, DO 6, RSB, (1, 2,51,851 & 951)D 10, 20,35,45, ZINSER 720, (4/3 &5/3), ZINSER 730, TRUTZSCHLER HSR 900 & 1000, TD 03, HOWA DF K2CD, CHERRY (400,500,600,800, DX LT,DX 7A, DX 8), VOUK SFH, 802 E and many others.

Also combers such as E 7/2, E 7/4, VC 300, 300 A, VOUK, MArzoli, LK 54, LK 250, and many others. (Please note Rieter combers E7/5, 6, E 60, 60 H,62, 70 cannot be measured with our gauge since the drafting is a closed one and the gauge cannot be placed on the saddle)


Spares for measurement

Adaptors for each draw frames are to be bought by the customer by filling a questionaire which can be found by clicking here. For any given draw frame, comber or lapformer one set of adaptor has to be bought. Each set of such adaptor contains two end bushes, one centre rod and rollers representing the cot (rubber cover) diameters running in that respective machine.

Rules for Load setting:

Each machine manufacturer has specified load setting values for their machines which can be found by clicking here. The gauge is a user-friendly one which requires a training of less than 30 minutes for even a layman.


The following video shows how the gauge can be used in a draw frame. As a sample case the way of measurement is shown in a RSB draw frame.

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Our contact address:

APEX PRECITECH, No; 20 , Jeeva Nagar, Vilankurichy, Coimbatore- 641 035, India ; Tel: 0091 422 2667026, 6543298, 2666292 telefax: 0091 422 2667026; email:


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