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April 13, 2008 / apexprecitech

Apex Top Arm Load Gauges

Apex Top Arm Load Gauge for Ring Frames and Speed Frames

A top arm load gauge is an instrument used to measure the load (not pressure) in a top arm of a Ring spinning Frame and Speed Frame.

Typically, many methods were tried but the one made by Apex Precitech has been the most successful and enduring one. Now, 15 years after the launch of this product, more than 1300 mills in India and many textile nations use this product.

The Benefits:

Any competent spinner will know what a regulated load setting in a top arm will give him.

1. Decreased yarn count CV %

2. Decreased strebgth CV %

3. Uniform appearance

4. Improved CSP value

In many mills IMMEDIATE results were to be seen once the top arm loads were measured and regulated according to the norms prescribed by the respective manufacturers. Top arms made by leading manufacturers can be successfully measured. Presently top arms of SKF, TEXPARTS, RIETER, SUESSEN, ROTORCRAFT and LAKSHMI RIETER can be measured.

While setting the top arm loads , the manufacturer’s recommendation has to be followed most often barring a few exceptions. These recommended loads ensure uniform load on the fluted roller and the journal bearings beside an optimum power consumption (since more top arm load means more load on the drive motor). The rubber roller cover of the top roller (cot) also serves longer due to regulated and uniform friction.

Coming to the actual shop floor person who is going to use the instrument- This instrument is one that needs no skills to use and maintain. The instructions are simple enough to be followed by any lay person with a training of less than 30 minutes.

Salient Features:

The gauge has a dial calibrated in Kilograms. There is a novel feature called Planometer which measures the angle to which the gauge is slanted after being held on the top arm. The load corresponding to the angle of the top arm roller stand of that particular Ring/Frame is the correct load.

To download the user manual of this product, click here.

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Click on the following screen to play the demonstration video of our Apex Top Arm Load Gauge in a Ring Spinning Frame.


The same gauge is demonstrated below in a Speed frame ( Simplex or Fly Frame)

This is a quality enhancing instrument and payback time is usually very short- sometimes in days. But it depends on the mill and the conditions, the cotton type, machine age, speed etc. But ask any of our customer from this customer list , they will be happy to tell about us.

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Our contact address:

APEX PRECITECH, No; 20 , Jeeva Nagar, Vilankurichy, Coimbatore- 641 035, India ; Tel: 0091 422 2667026, 6543298, 2666292 telefax: 0091 422 2667026; email:


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